Travel Guide Auli

The land of Gods, a true paradise on earth welcomes you & to enjoy your endless adventure & experience of nature.

Make a list :- Before each trip, make a list of yours 'do's and don'ts'.

  • Don't be afraid & break out of your comfort zone:- The world is early as dangerous as the media makes it out to be.
  • Wake up early:- Rise at sunrise to have the best attractions of the nature & Himalayan range.
  • Say yes often to do adventure and enjoy iy.
  • Track pants, running shoes, a pair of woolen's is must.
  • Personal first aid kit medication for common ailments such as headache, antiseptic cream, band aids.
  • Take lot's of photos & don't forgetto keep extra batteries of camera for backup.
  • Observe daily life & eat local food to experience the place to its fullest.
  • Keep good roles of your journey & experience.